One-Stop EV Charging Solutions for Every Need

We stands ready to take you places with robust EV charging solutions to meet your business needs and delight customers.

Fulfill All Commercial Charging Needs

We offers robust EV charging solutions of every size and variety to meet different business needs of installation scenarios and power output. Accessorized with LED screens, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, and more, Fiichargers integrate aesthetically and boost the appeal and traffic of businesses everywhere.

Connect Drivers to Fii Chargers Everywhere

Fiicharger App is designed with EV owners’ lifestyles in mind. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows drivers to locate nearby charging stations, manage charging sessions, payments, and explore business and best offers to make the journey more enjoyable.

The operating system for EV charging

Through software, we bring the industry’s most flexible EV infrastructure solutions. Manage any OCPP charger, charge any electric car, and accept every major payment method. Our platform to connects and controls all your EV infrastructure from one central hub.


Recharge the vehicles and put minds at ease with safe, reliable and compact EV Charging solutions for apartments and condominiums.

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Commercial Fleets

Establish a greener, cleaner, and more energized business with sustainable EV charging solutions.

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Malls & Shopping Centers

Court high-value EV owners with aesthetic EV Charging Stations to drive up foot traffic, enhance the commercial appeal, and interact with customers.

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Oasis & Highway Stops

Service EV drivers with convenient and effective EV Charging solutions and bring in more business

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Claim the lead in EV branding in the market by driving EV and charging adoption for greater customer satisfaction and drive sale opportunities.

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Public Parking

Build the infrastructure for a greener future through flexible and scalable EV charging solutions.

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Ev Charging Stations

 Easy Charging On-The-Go

The Fiicharger mobile APP is built with EV drivers’ lifestyles in mind.
It can find chargers,
plan to charge stops in route, manage charging sessions, and receive promotional offers from nearby businesses. EV charging is effortless and enjoyable with the Fiicharger APP

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